Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday KYLIE!!! (Part 2)

Despite the rain, Kylie had a pretty good birthday. We couldn't meet her friends at a park since it just would not stop raining. Instead, we headed to Barnes and Noble where she met up with some friends and played with the trains, went on stage, and read books. Not too bad...

Birthday Dinner-- chicken, Annalee and Abby noodles (noodles with butter and salt/pepper), strawberries

On to cake-- the birthday fairies delivered-- princess cake-- chocolate and vanilla ice cream cake with all the princesses on top.

About to blow out the candles
The unwrapping of gifts-- notice Shay in the background ready to pounce on any gift she can.

And notice Anika ready to take KMD's new toy.
"Is that real ice cream or is that just playdough mom?"
Anika and Shay successfully got a toy away without KMD noticing. Also notice in the background, for those of you who think Odin is neglected, think again.
Reading the cards

Happy 4th Birthday Kylie!!!!


Katie Garber said...

Glad she had a good one. Hope her new obsession for princesses has finally replaced Dora :)

Colleen said...

Happy birthday Kylie Marie. And thanks to your mom and dad for sharing some many photos.