Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One hot day at the Botanic Gardens

This past weekend we headed to the Botanic Gardens with the Smileys.... we picked a hot day, but for the most the most part the kids had a great time. The train exhibit was the favorite for kids and probably a close second was all the water fountains that we stopped at and splashed... not sure that is exactly what the fountains were meant for, but it worked for us on Sunday.

The first stop at the water fountain... and of course, we have to have a snack because no one wanted to eat breakfast that morning.

Anika pointing at the trains. She loved it and so did Shay-- atleast this year they were big enough to notice them!

Part of the train exhibit

Another part of the train exhibit

Anika and Shay trying to climb over the fence to get the trains

Lilly pads.... also the same place that Shay tossed her sippy cup in a couple months back. It was not there Sunday.... they were sad.

The last fountain of the day

Getting thoroughly wet now...
And to end the day-- a picnic. Kylie chowing on some watermelon (and a wonderful close up of Shay's cup)

and the twins eating something...
And the best thing of all--- all three kids fell asleep in the car!

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Katie Garber said...

Looks like a fun time. I don't recall going there as kids. Was it around?