Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Uncle Craig and Aunt Dee came to visit!

Kylie was very excited that Uncle Craig and Aunt Dee visited this past weekend. I think she has told everyone about them-- even if they don't ask about her weekend. Its cute and very glad she had a good time with them as we did too! We even got to see cousin Jill and her boyfriend Phil-- its only taken us a few years, but we managed to get ahold of elusive Jill.

Pictures are below, but we didn't seem to get many. Maybe C&D will share..... please?

Kylie opening her birthday present from Craig and Dee--- chalk (a favorite) and a new princess book that Dad has been reading every night to Kylie since she received it! :)

Uncle Craig getting introduced to all Kylie's "friends"

Shay took a liking to Craig-- even let him put on her shoes.

The kids and Craig-- Anika would not leave our sides the entire weekend---she was just being overally shy.

Aunt Dee and Kylie working hard.

Dee trying to figure out the kids puzzles and Kylie looking around to see when Dee will get it done! :)

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