Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spray Park gets invaded by the girls

The pictures should say enough. The little girls love the spray park and Kylie does too--- as long as the sun is out and its warm.
Anika trying to catch water in the bucket and Shay just screaming with excitement.

My favorite picture of Shay from that day--- the face says it all.
My favorite picture of Anika-- truly happy.
The only picture of Kylie from the park-- the girl would not stop running through the entire park. It was clearly impossible to get a picture unless she was sitting taking a break. Gotta love Cheerios. :)

Follow the leader- Shay is leading with Kylie and Natalie behind.

And Anika covering her one ear with her shoulder telling you she does not want to play and she is going her OWN way.

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Katie Garber said...

Looks like a great time! Much more kid friendly than our splash pad is.