Monday, July 20, 2009

More July for lack of a better title...

Nothing new to report here. Weekend was full of great company, temper tandrums-complete throwing down of the body and kicking/screaming, overtired kids who do not nap, adventure walks, picking of vegetables and flowers, and just being kids. We look forward to this coming weekend when Uncle Craig and Aunt Dee to come play.

And the pictures to follow from the last week...

Kylie-- not sure what she is doing, but insisted we share the picture. Its a little odd to think that she is now picking which pictures to share and which ones to not share. She's not even 4!

Odin- he's been neglected on the blog. We thought he could use some compliments. He has lost 10 lbs this summer.

Again, another Kylie picture to be shared. She just says she is "being silly."

Shay eating her popsicle.... well, sort of. Kylie taught them how to eat it backwards and now they do it everytime to get a laugh.

Anika doing the same.... can you tell its bath night-- look at her hair!

I just want my DAMN milk!!!

Will you please push me?

Our little Amish girl... thanks Buppa! She loves it to play with it!

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