Monday, September 6, 2010

The "Real 5th Birthday"

A bit late, but better than never. Kylie turned 5 at the end of August and was sure to mention to everyone that she is now five. She had a morning at the park with some friends, Moe's for lunch (her favorite) and then the toy store to play for a bit longer. Then, because she had to have a "new" cake on her birthday, had a chocolate cake with white frosting and pink colored sprinkles-- very specific child when it came to her cake.

Here are some pics from the afternoon...

The "big" cake

Twins not so sure what to do since there was fire---- Kylie is eyeing the sprinkles to make sure every piece will have some.


Blow them out!

"I like cake."


The intricate eater

I don't drop a bite

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