Monday, September 6, 2010

Kindergarten here we come....

Kylie's big first day was on Sept. 1st. The child was sooooooo excited. She was so excited not only to be in Kindergarten and meet new friends, but more importantly to TAKE THE BUS!

Kylie Stats: Green Kindergarten shirt, yellow and pink skirt (Annalee and Abby wore it, so it is cute), red headband and a huge smile.

Breakfast- waffles and strawberries

Weather- Rain

Best quote Before school: "yeah, Daddy gets to wait with me for the bus and you mom have to deal with the sisters inside." (however, keeping the twins inside was impossible, they wanted to ride the bus with her)

Saying good-bye-- pretty much everyone but mom.

Best quote about school: " Dad, there are a lot of rules at school."

Kylie before heading outside in the rain

Before heading out in the rain-- Anika has her backpack on ready to go (with her baby) and Shay in her sparkly shoes (not seen in pic) and her baby, ready for school too.

Waiting in the rain- notice I am the only one under the umbrella-- everyone else wanted to get wet.

Kylie barely seen on the bus-- forgot to get the camera out

Chris got to school before the bus and caught Kylie getting off the bus-- still smiling.

Waiting in line to get into the classroom

2nd Day of school!

2nd day-- and yes, everyone had to be in the picture, including Odin.

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