Saturday, February 20, 2010

Random Shots from the house

No witty titles for this week, sorry. Here are some pics from the past two weeks-- nothing out of the ordinary, but lots of pics of the kids playing.

Kylie testing out her gymnastics ability on the couch or just not wanting to squish the My Little Ponies...

Anika and her blocks-- and the massive mess behind her from her sisters

Shay and her cell phone and goggles. She's ready to head to the pool.

The girls longing for summer.

Shay and Kylie taking care of all the babies

Anika sitting on Kylie's pillow (that she stole from KMD's bed) and making herself comfortable with all the stuffed dogs and rabbits.

And this is what happens when you wake up extremely early (earlier than Chris) for atleast two weeks and pass out at 6:00.

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