Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kylie's first REAL sledding adventure

We ventured out to the "big" hill at the community park last Sunday. Kids were very excited to go-- mainly Kylie because this was her first "real" experience sledding. The plan was to just take Kylie and the twins play at home with me, but it didn't happen. They threw a fit once they saw KMD putting on her snowpants.... so, we all went to the sledding hill. Kylie got the real sled and the twins, well, got pulled in the makeshift sled, the laundry basket. Many, many comments were made to me while Chris and Kylie were sledding... I guess it is about time we buy another sled-- but knowing how cheap I am, it will have to be on clearance! HA!

**If you really want to revisit the laundry basket sled pictures, look back a couple posts, you can't miss it! :)

Anika playing in the snow

Shay playing in the snow

Kylie and Chris- way up to- second one from the right (they are sitting on the sled ready to go)

And they are off! (second sledder on the hill-- sorry, you can't make out their faces).

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