Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crayons and Babies

This past week, the kids made some new crayons with all the old ones. We took many old crayons, took the paper off, and put them in a mini muffin tin.... then the "magic" happened and they turned into new rainbow crayons. The highlight of the activity was watching them disappear in the oven. I've never seen them sit and watch something for so long... needless to say, it was a good 30 minutes!

Kylie helping the little girls color

Anika using stickers- thankfully Kylie likes to share some items.

Anika on the verge of tears because Shay came over and stole some crayons.

Shay done coloring and moved onto legos

Anika is guarding her new possessions. And yes, purple nails-- Chris did all the kids nails while I was out. I think he found a new calling with his little girls! :)

Kylie modeling her new crayons

Shay masterminding her plan on how to take things from Anika without getting into trouble.

The Babies--
Anika spent a good couple hours playing with her babies last week. She would change their diapers, give them medicine, feed them and take them "out." However, she needed help when it came to taking them out because she wanted to stuff them all into the backpack Marie made her. These poor babies were shoved in the bag, but whatever, Anika was happy as could be. Below are the pics from her day with the babies----

Stop taking my picture! UGHH!

They are almost heavier than me!

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