Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another holiday, another sickness

MLK proved to continue in the pattern of the kids being sick. (We've been sick every holiday since Thanksgiving, but who's counting?! HA!) Here are some pics of the kids--in no real order...

Marie-- THEY LOVED the backpacks. Anika and Shay were sooo excited to have one, they even had to put them to bed before naps on Saturday and Sunday. They don't carry too much in them, but its the fact they have them! :) THANKS a million-- BTW- there was no bill...... please let us know! (I do have pics of the twins, but they weren't great, so you'll have to hold off on pics for your portfolio)

Anika in true fashion....

Shay being Shay

IT WAS A RARE MOMENT-- had to get it on camera-- ALL THREE KIDS were mesmerized by Chuggington (A new show on Disney)... I've got it set to tape so I can get some free time!! HA, right!

Buppa, you've been asking if Kylie wears her dress- this is right after Christmas.... and no, we don't have our tree still up...

Ani and Shay brushing hard in hopes they don't get their moms (or Nana's) teeth!

Kylie modeling her oversized Tinkerbell pjs and the little ones showing off their dresses Buppa made them...Shay's hair is a disaster, but it was before bath and the bows had come out and we wanted to get a picture for Buppa to see.

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