Monday, May 4, 2009

Road trip accomplished

We managed to make it to Jerseyville Illinois for the first "long" road trip. 5 hours in a car with three kids under 3.5, was daunting, but we managed to survive. I think the most amazing thing is that we made it somewhere ON TIME! HA! Normally we strive to get there 15 minutes before something so we can be on time, but this time we managed to get there about 5 minutes before the ceremony started... amazing... it did take 20 minutes to get everyone dressed appropriately. And the humorous part, we all changed in the car next to the kids park... hahahah! Yes, EVERYONE changed.

Kylie was excited to see the princess and prince at the wedding, as was everyone else, but to listen to Kylie as the princess made her appearance was cute. She was just in awe-- "WOW, she is beautiful." Just cute.

Here are some pictures from the wedding, not many, but when we're chasing three kids and trying to keep the from crying, its all we can do to remember to take the camera out! Opps!

Kylie waiting for the princess

Shay and Anika looking for Daddy to give them more food during the ceremony.

Stacey and Erik -- the princess and prince
Shay in her car seat all "fancy"

Anika in her seat all "fancy"

Kylie pretending to sleep--- the child did not sleep until we were 3 minutes from home on Sunday-- she did not sleep any of the other 10 hours in the car. Dork!

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Katie Garber said...

Glad to hear you guys survived and everyone was well behave. Hopefully you weren't dealing with any puke.... :)