Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris!

Chris was so lucky this year for his birthday, he too had the wonderful Dora party-- plates, napkins, decor. :)

Kylie, Anika, Shay and myself all went to the Home Depot nursery and managed to find some plants for Chris. Kylie wanted to pick every plant out that was yellow and bring it home, while Anika and Shay just liked to pull them off the shelf and make a mess. It was a great trip (ha) and I think HD was looking forward to us leaving. Even had someone offer to load the plants in the car for me!
Kylie then managed to make Chris his coveted Rhubarb Cake. I am not sure who likes it more at this point, Kylie or Chris.

Chris and Kylie with the cake--- yes, the fire dept was called in because of the amount of fire on that cake.

Kylie showing you how much she loves the cake. (we didn't forget about the little girls, they were too tired to eat any and went to bed before we even started to festivities.)

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