Tuesday, December 30, 2008

French Anyone??

Kylie has recently really gotten into "Fancy Nancy." Those of you with little girls probably know what I am talking about. In any case, I am in need of some help. Here is the conversation this evening when Chris was reading to Kylie before bed.

"Dad, Jewel is the dog's name and its french for butterflies."

"Wow, Kylie, nice job."

"Dad, how do we say kiss in french?"

"I am not sure Kylie."

Dad, how do we say toot in french?"

The conversation stopped there. Anyone with answers, please advise.


Glennee said...

"baiser" is to kiss. "Papillion" is butterfly in french. A jewel is "un bijou" and Toot is the same in EVERY language!

Brennan said...

All I have to say is good luck! I'm the one with 4 boys and Emerson is only 3 months and she doesn't talk yet...thank goodness!!!!

Kate said...

Zut! Just be careful, as "baiser" (Beh-zay) is also slang for how babies begin.
I don't know how to say "toot" in French, but my father can order you a fart of the house in Italian. (a small problem with VINO de casa turning into VENTO de casa)