Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Phone..

The Phone, the phone is ringing... (the theme song to the Wonder Pets for all of you who are lucky enough to not have to watch it)...

Yes, the phone is ringing here... and more often than not, we do not answer it. Some people are starting to get complexes because we do not answer the phone, but truthfully, I don't think you want to hear what is on the other end when we answer. For example, 5pm this evening....

5 pm, Anika is awake playing on the ground-- temporarily happy.
5 pm, Kylie is waking up from her late nap-- not happy, in tears
5 pm Shay is overtired and desperately needs to nap.

5:05-- Anika is now crying. she is hungry
5:06-- Kylie is out of her room, tears because she choose to not eat lunch or a snack when we got back from the Botanic Gardens at 2:00 and is now STARVING.
5:07-- Now Shay is just beyond pissed-- not she is hungry AND needs a NAP!
5:08-- I need a mudslide!

5:15-- now we've got Anika and Shay in their seats eating bananas but not really all that happy.
5:16- -Kylie is still whining because her hot dog is too hot and the soup is not hot enough. ARRRRR

5:20-- I still need a mudslide!!

5:25- Kylie is crying cause her sister are screaming. (note-- now the hot dog will be too cold and the soup will be REALLY cold).

Between 5:25-6:00-- its all a blur-- in that time, somehow, Kylie gets out of her funk and is now playing with all her farm animals and puppies. Anika is now in her "exerciser" otherwise known as the exersaucer and Shay is STILL SCREAMING, but now in her crib.

6:01-- still need something to drink and just realized, that I don't think I ate lunch either..
6:02-- humm.. what's for dinner? Probably should work on that one seeing its after 6.

6:15--Chris is home (i think) and Shay is still screaming in her crib, Anika is now whining again and Kylie is asking for a computer game (otherwise known as the video of herself playing with the girls).
6:16-- still need to find something for dinner.
6:17-- Chris is trying to get to the bathroom without having a visitor. But instead gets questions from Kylie outside the door-- "Daddy are you happy?" "Daddy are going pee or poop?" "Daddy are you happy?" "Daddy are you home to play with me?" "Daddy is night time or day time?" "Daddy, can you fix Shay?" "Daddy are you happy?" "Daddy what are you doing?" And this goes on for about another 10 minutes of constant questions-- meanwhile, we've got two screamers-- both of which are desperately needing naps.

Fast Forward to 7:00-- Anika is passed out in the swing, Kylie is watching the video of herself for the 10000 time today, and Chris is with Shay trying to get her to calm down and sleep. yes, screaming since after 5. Oh, the joys..

7:30-- "Mommy, are you happy?" "Mommy, I need my super secret strawberry milk!" "Mommy, do you need help" "Mommy are you happy?" "Mommy I need to use to potty!" "Mommy, I need my DORA pajamas, not the puppy ones." "Mommy I need a princess pullup." "Mommy, the cat scares me, can you move her?" Oh boy-- and yes, still trying to work on that meal called dinner.

7:35-- Start the marathon reading session while Chris is still trying to get Shay to crash. meanwhile, Anika wakes up and wants to read with Kylie.

7:50-- the reading is almost over, but Anika now is not thrilled with the book choices and is now complaining.

7:55-- Kylie is now in bed, with her 75 stuffed animals. Let's hope she crashes soon.

7:57-- Chris is still working with Shay, but improvements have been made, she is not screaming constantly...

8:10-- Shay is in bed but not with a full belly. We'll see how long this lasts tonight-- we can pray for 4 AM.

8:15 Anika is now needing to be fed and changed.

8:30- Anika in bed-- passed out cold.

9:30-- Kylie's music is still going in her room. Almost there.

9:40-- Groan at the thought of having to wash the dishes, clean up the toys (so if in the middle of the night we don't kill ourselves stepping on them), and make the next days worth of bottles. We are hopeful we'll get to bed before 11..... just maybe! :) Oh yeah-- what did we have for dinner?

But, all in all, they are keepers, even if that means they have aged us two-fold in the past 5 months. ease your complexes-- we are home, but the likelihood of us answering is slim... hang in there, we'll get back to you are some point... really!


Anonymous said...

This is so true! - Chris

the phone,the phone is ringing, there's an animal in trouble, there's an animal in trouble!

tawneybrady said...

I was reading this at work and was laughing and laughing. I have some days at work where the children are screaming and not eating for 12 long hours, however, I get to go home and get that drink ;) You guys are doing great, keep up the good work!

Colleen said...

Thanks for sharing. I can't imagine what the other 16 hours of the day must be like. Its a wonder you have time to take the photos and video. ~Colleen

Brennan said...

All I could do was laugh. Right now I only have the one in that age group Kael is 2 1/2 so my day is not constantly filled like that. But there was a time when it was and I remember and it makes me look back and laugh. Austin is going to be 10 in October, Carson is 7, and Parker will be 6 in October, so now its just the occasional bickerinb between brothers.
You sound like you are a great mom!