Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wisconsin Dells

The Donovan's took on Wisconsin Dells... and made it home alive... with a few meltdowns and sleepless nights, the trip was well worth it and full of "firsts." We stayed at Mt. Olympus- which on our research, had the most to do with kids under 42 inches-- and it certainly did and kept then extremely busy, overstimulated and happy. Here are some pics from the trip-- we didn't get many since we couldn't watch the bag of stuff the entire time and didn't want the camera to walk off... So, enjoy what you get... which isn't much!

Shay and Anika feeding the goats- do you like Ani's glasses- almost straight on her face... :)

Shay feeding the goats and getting licked. Eewwwww....

Trying to get food for the goats

Ani, Kylie and Shay on a boat

Kylie on her first roller coaster.... not sure she'll do it again anytime soon.....

See..... not sure it will happen anytime soon...

Tea cups

That's Shay playing in the water (pink and white shirt)

Ani getting "thrown" in the water (blue shirt) and Shay playing (pink and white shirt)

Kylie going down the slide.... the water was FRIGID!

That was awesome-- she did it about 1000000 more times that day even though the water was frigid, but good thing she did it this day because Saturday it was packed and lines were so long!

In the car after dinner-- way past bedtime (almost 8:30) and the kids were so wiped from the water park all day.

Kylie posing with her new stuffed animal, "Shelly"

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