Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chris' masterpiece

I'm not one to talk garden stuff, but here is Chris' masterpiece--- weathers been perfect and we've been eating lots of fresh produce-- and same with some of our neighbors!

The back part of the garden has been taken over by pumpkins--- they are huge already. I can only imagine what they will be like in a couple months. Insanity!

This is just one of the pumpkins seen from the other side-- still yellow but changing daily.

Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and tomatillos

Beans, potatoes, parsnips, kohlrabi, onions.... I think I got them all...

Looking out from the deck

Back bed off the deck

Chris and Kylie's pots


Cathy said...

Wow. Really beautiful. Some of the most beautiful gardens I've seen.

Anonymous said...

thansk cathy!

Katie Garber said...

So jealous! You got a great hubby there!