Sunday, July 18, 2010

A week in Review

The Loony toon children have been off the wall crazy lately. It might be because they caught up on their rest from the last two weeks of company and activities--- or that Daddio has been extra crazy lately. Hummmm.... not sure. We were quite busy at the pool (Linda's, YMCA, the deck pool and D's) this week--- with it ending at the Danneggers and Kylie jumping off the diving board all by herself. She was an animal! Kylie also cruised through swim lessons passing to the next level after only being at three classes in the past 5 weeks. Opps.... Anyhow, I'm looking forward to a rainy day here soon- I need a break from the pool and the hot hot weather! :) Here are some random pics from the week--- they are a little bizarre- mainly Ani.

Anika was helping my find my bike gear and happened to fall in love with Chris' helmet. She wears it everywhere but the table for meals and to bed. It has seriously become part of her identity this week.

Kylie taking a break from swimming.

The helmet again.

Shay playing in the water this weekend with some new tools.

See, the helmet is everywhere....

Anika (pre-helmet-- early in the week) playing hair dresser like her sister does. Too bad her baby is bald!

Kylie posing with her new animal that Dad won for her at D&B.

Shay-- was trying to capture the massive curls this girl gets in the heat...

Ani and her bike

Kylie with her other animal that Dad won for her at D&B.

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Martha said...

I LOVE the bike helmet!!!

But mostly I love that one of the animals from D & B was a POODLE!!! Has is been named Libby? What can you expect, these girls have water in their veins, Amanda....get used to the pools, Oh, I forgot you already are used to the pools!!!! They are such beautiful girls and you two are great parents. Love, Martha