Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nana's Visit

Nana made her appearance here in Chicago area... and that means keeping her super busy so she does not rearrange your furniture....... so, we did just that. From swimming at the pool, tye-dying, making clean mud, cooking, going to Moe's, going to the park, picking raspberries--- we were super busy. The kids loved it-- esp. Kylie and Anika who befriended Nana-- Shay decided after 6 days that Nana was okay, but not good enough to let her really play with--- she was just being a dork. In any case, here are some pics from the week.

Anika playing with the clean mud (not a great pic, but she's been the super trooper with this stuff and loves to play with it)

This is the look Shay gave Nana all week..... you can make your own captions as to what she is thinking.


Kylie with the clean mud

Kylie wanted a million pics done, so consider yourself lucky with only a few......

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