Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dance Recital

Kylie had her dance recital a few weeks back... opps, sorry. She had a blast, wasn't too fond of the loud music on stage but had a great time and asked to do it again. (insert the laughing-- she is my daughter, but not sure where she gets the dancing gene from?!?)

This is rehearsal- this is the ballet number. She is the fourth from the left.

Fourth from left

Recital night- in ballet costume. Must mention a thanks to Martha for sewing on some snaps on her costume since I am totally clueless. And also, check out that bun, I started it from the LEFT and not right as instructed in the 4 pages of instructions on what to do and how to do it.... rebel!

Wait mom, let me balance for you! (and yes, she was the girl on stage who had hair in her face because I refused to plaster it with hairstray and a million bobby pins.)

The Tap outfit-- they danced to Octopus' Garden (Beatles)

I'm ready mom, now go out there and make sure Daddy gets a good seat........ he did get a good seat but that was after parking 2 miles away. :(
we do have video but Blogger is not my friend today. I'll work on it.

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