Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cold Cold Chicago Halloween

Of course, again, not such great pictures of the kids, but they will survive.... hopefully. All three girls were princesses. Kylie was the first one dressed and the other two tagged along wanting to be the same thing.

Anika in her dress for Halloween-- Kylie wore the same dress...

Chris with Kylie and Shay walking to our friends house.

Waiting at the door-- don't you just love the coats and hats-- I told Kylie it was a fashionable accessory for her outfit.. Yeah, right!

The twins back at home after hitting 4 houses-- too cold... they had more fun playing with the candy rather than wearing all that fancy stuff going door to door.

Shay guarding the bowl-- not to worry she is stuffing her face with Cheerios.

Anika waiting for her time to get in on the candy when Shay was not looking....

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Katie Garber said...

Looks like a fun time out there. Hope KMD got a lot of loot!