Thursday, February 5, 2009

Amanda's Dora themed B-day Party

For the last 3 weeks all Kylie could talk about was "how many days till mommy's birthday?" Kylie had planned the bash for her and on Saturday she went and picked out all the party supplies including Dora hats, Dora plates, Dora napkins and a special hat just for the birthday girl.

Kylie was also very excited to make mommy's cake! She melted chocolate, dipped strawberries, bananas and raspberries! Mmmmm was it yummy!

Amanda wanted to change the position of the candles but Kylie wouldn't allow it!

What a fun day we all had!

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Brennan said...

WOW! 31 already...Chris really did rob the cradle. That sneaky little man. LOL...I'm gonna hit the whoppin 35 this year, but I think I'm having a Dora/Diego/Backyardigans/and Wonder Pet Party held by Kael LOL.