Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The weekend of his life!

Poor Odin... the dog used to be the "only one." But as time passed, three little loud talking humans came into his life. He not only does not get the attention he once received, but he is constantly chased, runover, hair pulled and growled at (by Anika).

To the point, Odin had the weekend of his life. Chris' buddies- The Fords-- came to visit. Not only did the come to pay attention to the "humans" but also gave Odin much attention- enough for Odin to sleep for the next two days straight. Ford took to Odin. The hound got more attention and treats with Ford here. I think Odin would have loved to go home with them--- until he reached their house and realized, wait, they have FOUR humans who would chase, runover, and pull his hair..... :)

Now if you can see closely, Odin has a gross disgusting bone in his mouth that the Fords gave him--- Chris (Ford) choose to put that thing in his mouth when he was rough housing with Odin... I know-- gross!

It was great to see you guys and hopefully we'll make it up north SOMEDAY.... Not sure how we can leave Odin here after this weekend he had with you Chris.. he needs someone who will share bones with him and more importantly, share the bed. :)

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