Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another week goes by and we wonder what happened??

Where do we start with this funny farm??

There was a news flash for Amanda-- You are not 20 anymore. I seemed to do a number to my knee, although I do not really want to admit to it. However, the doc said it might not have been due to running, but constantly getting up and down with the kids. For those of you doctors out there, I supposedly have a partial tear to the medial meniscus. I am starting with physical therapy and trying to aviod the "other" fix. So, yeah, I guess I need to act my age.

Chris-- He's still thinking its summer and wears shorts to work as often as possible. He thinks he can make it till November. I don't think so, but now Kylie thinks she can do the same. How am I supposed to say no when her Dad comes out wearing them?

Kylie-- she has a fancy new carseat and VERY proud of it. Don't faint all of your, its PINK. She LOVES it and thinks she is sooooo cool now. We'll see how long that lasts. She also was very proud when she made dinner for the family the other night. Yes, it was edible. Sunday she went to the Fall fest they had at her preschool's church. She got to play games, walk in a parade, see a firetruck, and go "trunk or treating."

Shay (on the right)-- Loves her blankets and snuggling up with them, saying DADA all the time (ALL THE TIME), singing, blowing raspberries, NOT wearing her Halloween costume, chasing the cat, laughing at Kylie (althought I think she secretly laughs at Anika when she gets into trouble, and that is a lot recently), and stealing toys from her sister, Anika. Lastly and the most important update on Shay, according to Kylie, is DORA-- Shay LOVES DORA. Shay gets all excited, stops what she is doing, even eating, to watch Dora. Backpack and Map are Shay's current favorite characters.
Anika (on your left)-- loves to do everything she should not do! Chasing the cat and dog, pulling herself up in her crib and using the bumpers as a way to get higher and escape her crib (she has not done this, but you can tell its on her agenda), stealing toys from Shay and Kylie, screaming at 4 AM, growling, the tripod stance ontop of any toy or person, hanging upside down and just being Anika.

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