Monday, May 31, 2010

No excuses..

I've got no excuses except I just did not want to write on the blog when it has been so nice out... So today we'll play catch-up. Here are some pics from the past month.

Anika playing with Kylie's clothes- they cleared out Kylie's entire dresser. Lovely mess.

Shay playing library

Water Table makes its first appearance (we only did water, no sand....)

Shay pretty excited although the picture makes it look like the water was a bit cold.


Odin guarding the strawberries

Ready to go outside NOW!!!


Shay playing in the flowers-- sweet outfit, huh?

Kylie showing off her pots she did with her Dad. Very proud.

Showing Anika all the flowers


Playing with the poppies

Pool is open!

Shay checking out the slide

CHEESE-- well, almost everyone is looking....

Loving the shower feature, but it is a bit cold MOM!


All three!

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Katie Garber said...

You're better at updating your blog than I am. That pool looks sweet! Looks like you guys are off to a fun summer.