Monday, April 27, 2009

mermaids, trouble makers and big girls

I've got nothing..... nothing comes to mind that would be so interesting to blog about- sorry....

Shay and Anika seem to be cruising along at their own pace. They have their own language-- no one can understand it, but they seem to know exactly what each other is saying. It's insane. Both love to be outside- esp. the swings. Anika seems to be my new appendage at most parks--she will not let go of me. Makes it a bit hard when you are trying to spot Kylie on the monkey bars... she'll get there. Shay is fearless and will do whatever she can get away with. (note-- this is a complete flip of personality).

Kylie has moved up in the world. She is no longer in a toddler bed, but now a full sized bed.... she is super excited and has new sheets and can have ALL of her stuffed animals on her bed. So far so good. Her bed is more comfortable than mom and dads-- how does this happen??

This past weekend we went and celebrated Ryan, Luke, and Abby's birthday at the Danneggers. Everyone had a great time, but esp. Kylie. She enjoyed all of the other peoples birthday presents. :)

And last..... I don't know. The rain has been a bummer here.... rained all weekend. We got out for a walk around the block and that was it... hoping it leaves today and we can be back to sunshine and playing outside. Below are some pictures of Shay playing dress-up. Chris said that she kept picking up the mermaid outfit and handing it to him. He put it on her and she was happy as can be..... not sure Kylie is ready to share those toys yet.

Mermaid Shay

Trouble maker Anika

Mermaid Shay and Devil Anika in the toy kitchen

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Katie Garber said...

Where did you end up getting the bed? Glad Kylie likes her "big girl" bed. I think some new Dora sheets would look perfect... :)