Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good-bye February!

I think we've recovered from our miserable February of sickness. Kylie managed to recover and is back to her spitfire self. The twins, AMAZINGLY, did not come down with pneumonia, but did however get some pretty nasty colds, coughs and molars. Here are some pictures from February for you all to stay entertained......

Kylie recovering with her puppy (He rarely left Kylie's side the entire month it seemed like... and it surprisingly wasn't because she had food!)

Kylie supporting her new accessories from her friend Andersen. She was thrilled with all of the Valentine day gifts he dropped off.....(My kid liking jewelry? How did this happen? Must be a Donovan trait!)

Shay playing with Odin--- all the kids knock on the window to get Odin's attention and then he barks at them. Then you hear laughing. Poor Odin, he doesn't know what is going on!

Anika giving Odin some love... They truly are best buds.

And of course, Anika has to give Odin a hug.
And for those of you who celebrate birthdays, Odin will be turning 5 next week. That means he is approaching middle age..... not sure I can handle any more high maintenance people in this house! HA!

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